Filmmakers Workshop

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Early Bird Deadline: May 15st
Final Deadline May 31st

Audience2editThe Filmmakers Workshop is our flagship event, a three-day conference that connects talented young filmmakers with Hollywood industry veterans. Our faculty includes successful writers, producers, directors, and other professionals from film and television. Tuition, room and board is free for participants.

(For our purposes the term “filmmakers” encompasses producers, TV writers, documentarians, videographers, new-media creators, and undoubtedly some category we haven’t thought of yet — anybody who writes, directs or produces for a film or video camera medium, whether the camera is 35MM or an iPhone. In the fast-changing world of digital media, the lines are blurring more every day.)

Through a sequence of panels, work sessions, and discussion groups, our faculty share their accumulated experience and industry know-how with our students. The curriculum is focused on providing practical information and feedback you can actually use. Sessions feature such topics as How to Pitch Your Idea, How to Land a Job on a TV Writing Staff, and How to Fund an Independent Film.

Students also get an opportunity to work alongside and network with like-minded filmmakers. Throughout the weekend there are plenty of social occasions to meet and interact with the faculty as well as with a terrific set of peers and friends of the organization.

“It’s been a great opportunity to meet intelligent professionals from the film business and also make connections with filmmakers who share a similar world view.”an attendee at one of our workshops

How much will all of this cost you? To selected applicants, absolutely nothing! Tuition for the workshop is free, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Room and board for the weekend are also free. And limited travel funds are available to some attendees.

Past faculty include:

Cale Boyter (producer) – Wedding Crashers; History of Violence; Elf
Daisy Gardner (writer/producer) – South Park; 30 Rock; Californication
Daniel Knauf (writer/producer) – Carnivale, Spartacus, Dracula (w/ Jonathan Rhys Meyers)
Jennifer Simpson (producer) – Legally Blond 2; Penelope
David Steinberg (screenwriter) – American Pie 2; Slackers
Craig Titley (screenwriter) - Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Go to our 2012 Workshop recap page to see more details about a past event, which will give you a good idea of what to expect at our 2014 Workshop.

Have a Question? Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.

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Early Bird Deadline: May 15th
Final Deadline May 30th