Application for 2018 SmashCut Fellowship

To apply for the SmashCut Fellowship, please fill out the form below and upload the appropriate documents as requested.

The process is entirely digital. All fields with a red asterisk must be completed, and you must submit a creative sample (either written or video).

After you have completed all required fields, submit your application by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. Clicking the "Submit" button will complete the process and send us your full application with supporting materials.

Note: SmashCut Fellowship applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Interviews, notifications, and placements will occur throughout the year.

  • Month/Day/Year
  • Optional: This can be your personal or professional site, or some other site where we can view or read some of your work, such as a YouTube page or a blog.
  • In 1500 characters (about 300 words total) or less, please tell us about three individual rights that you would add to the U.S. Constitution that are either not currently present or enforced, or have been ignored, neglected, or reversed.
  • Please identify 1 filmmaker, 1 author, and 1 politician or political thinker whose work you admire, and in 500 characters (about 100 words) or less each (or 300 words in total), tell us why.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please upload a 1- or 2-page resume in PDF format detailing your education, work experience, contact information, and anything else in your background that you think may be relevant.
    You must submit a creative sample. Check the box that represents the format you are submitting: OPTION A is a written work such as a screenplay or treatment or documentary proposal; OPTION B is a video or film. Then follow the instructions below for how to submit the type of format you chose.
  • Write the title or name of the creative sample you are submitting. If you are submitting more than one work, write the title of the one you want us to look at first. If your creative role (writer, director, etc.) is not clear from the work's credits, tell us here.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    A written creative sample must be either a screenplay (feature or TV show or short film), a theatrical play, an extensive treatment, a proposal for a documentary, or a short story. (A screenplay is the preferred, albeit not required, written sample.) Make sure your submission is formatted to industry standards, shorter than 130 pages (but at least 5 pages long), and converted to a PDF file. Only one written work may be submitted. Upload it by clicking on the "Choose File" button and selecting the file from your computer.
  • If you are submitting a film or video as your sample, please provide a link or URL in the open field above to a website (YouTube page, etc.) where it can viewed online. You may link only one video, which should have substantial creative input from you as a director, writer, producer, DP and/or editor. Make sure it is clear, either from credits or from the title field on this form, what your role was in the video submitted.
  • Tell us how you found out about us, such as through a particular listing, article, blog, organization, or personal referral. Please be specific, e.g., don't just say "a blog" or "a personal referral," give the name of the blog or person. 1000 characters or less.
  • Optional: Here you can tell us anything else you think is vital for us to know, such as special requirements or scheduling issues. If you are a foreign national, here you can indicate your legal work status (e.g., green card or work visa), which is required to participate in our programs. unfortunately, we do have the resources to help any applicant to obtain such status.
    By checking this box, you attest that you have read and understood, and that you agree to abide by, the Rules and Release Agreement for our programs. (Click on the link if you haven't read it already.)