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When is the workshop?

September 14 - 16, 2018 in downtown Los Angeles.

What is the Cinder Workshop?

Calling the next great American author! If that’s you, then get ready to have us fly you out to Los Angeles, put you up in a hotel, and spend an entire weekend developing your work at the Cinder Workshop. You will have the opportunity to get thorough notes on your in-progress work as well as career advice from successful novelists, nonfiction authors, publishers, and literary agents.

Part of what makes the Cinder Workshop unique is that we accept novels, long-form narrative non-fiction, graphic novels, and short stories of any genre. We balance workshopping with lectures on traditional and a range of independent publishing strategies. 

What are the submission requirements?

Applicants must submit:

  • A completed application
  • A creative work:
    • Novel Track (at least 50 pages or a completed novel);
    • Graphic Novel Track (at least 20 pages or a completed novel);
    • Narrative Nonfiction Track (at least 50 pages or a completed manuscript);
    • Short Story Track (at least 50 pages or a completed short story collection);
  • A one-page detailed treatment of the work, including character descriptions and arcs, plot outline, and setting notes.
How are the mentor sessions divided?

Each of our talented and experienced mentors will be assigned four students whose work is in the same (or similar) genre and form. Each group will spend four sessions on creative works, such that each member of the group will get a dedicated hour and a half of feedback and discussion devoted exclusively to his or her work. This discussion will be led by the mentor. Each participant will obtain thorough notes on how to improve their manuscript and their skills as a writer from the mentor as well as from peer group members.

Lecture 1 – Mastering Point of View

One of the most difficult skills to develop as an emerging author is an effective and artful use of “point of view.” During this lecture, a seasoned author will help students think about the differences between the point of view of the author, the narrator, and the various characters of a piece. Furthermore, this mentor will help students learn how to employ the advantages of different points of view to improve the stories in progress.

Lecture 2 – Understanding the Publishing Industry

From self-publishing, to indie publishing, to finding a good agent and editor, how is a writer supposed to know which path to bookshelves is right for their work and has the most chance of success? That’s what this lecture is prepared to teach. An industry expert will walk students through all the different possible paths to publishing, as well as outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of each track for different kinds of authors.

Lecture 3 – Design Your Publishing Platform

Now that you’re a publishing industry expert, it’s time to make some decisions about how you’re going to share your writing with the world. Do you need a website? How should you query potential agents and publishers? Should you be using social media? What’s an Amazon algorithm? This lecture will give you one-on-one time with a publishing veteran that will help you answer all those questions and more.


What happens after the workshop?
Post Workshop Virtual Lectures

After the workshop, Taliesin Nexus will facilitate group members sharing their updated works with each other and the mentors. In addition, you will have at least two video conference calls with an agent, publisher, or editor that will help you accomplish some of the goals you set for publishing during the workshop. Some potential topics include: marketing for your self-published books, how to get started with Amazon, choosing the right agent, publishing in literary magazines, and more.

At the end of the program, participants will have:

– Notes from each group member

– Notes from the mentor

– A publishing plan document

– Resources and follow-up plans to accomplish the publishing plan.

In addition to this, all participants that address notes from the workshop and participate in the Post Workshop Call will be eligible for a physical publication of their work in our quarterly magazine (print and online) Cinder.