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Early Bird Deadline:  May 1st
Summer Internship Deadline:  May 15th
Final Deadline:  May 31st

One of the best ways to break into Hollywood is to work as an intern at a production company.

Even if your ultimate goal is to be a screenwriter or director, there is great value in spending some time at a production company.  You learn how the business works from the inside.  You gain insight into what a producer looks for in a new project, how the development process works, and what it takes to get a movie or TV show green-lit and made.  And you meet people who can help you in your creative endeavors later on.

Problem is, not everybody knows someone in the industry to help them land that impressive internship.  And not everyone can afford to move out to L.A. and work for free for months on end.

That’s where we come in.  The Hollywood Internship Program places qualified applicants in internships at leading production companies, working for movers and shakers in the industry.  And we help you cover your living and travel expenses.

How leading are our participating companies?  Our host producers have been involved in numerous hit movies such as Braveheart, Elf, The Wedding Crashers, and The Passion of the Christ.

Our hosts are also committed to being mentors.  So while they may ask you to run through a brick wall on occasion, or merely pick up their lunch order, you will learn plenty about the business every single day on the job.

In addition, we will cover your travel costs to and from L.A., plus a monthly stipend to help you make ends meet while you are working hard to establish yourself.

During the program, you will also receive additional mentoring from the Taliesin Nexus staff, and you will attend our Filmmakers Workshop (if you haven’t already), absolutely gratis.  You may also be required to make a short film or write a screenplay in your spare time under the supervision of the program administrators.

To recap, interns will receive:

  • Placement at a production company
  • A monthly stipend
  • Possible travel reimbursement
  • Mentoring
  • Automatic acceptance into The Filmmakers Workshop


Each internship will last for about three months, and applicants must be committed to living and working in the Los Angeles area during that period.  (You don’t have to live there now; we might pay for your travel there, and back home after it’s over.)  We may stagger our internships this coming year, with some beginning in the spring, summer and fall of 2013.

The perfect candidate for the program would be a recent film school graduate or someone with some writing or filmmaking experience and/or training, but not someone who has already enjoyed a substantial career (after all, this is an opportunity for those who haven’t had their real shot yet).  You must have completed at least one screenplay or short film/video that you will include with your application.  (Please note that most interns we select have attended  one of our Filmmakers Workshops; we strongly recommend that you apply to the Workshop before applying for our internship program.)

Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following:

• a talent for, and knowledge of, filmmaking or screenwriting
• a tenacious commitment to succeed in the entertainment business
• the skill set to thrive in a production company environment
• a passion for a free society

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Early Bird Deadline:  May 1st
Summer Internship Deadline:  May 15th
Final Deadline:  May 31st

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