About Taliesin Nexus

Filmmaking and television are collaborative art forms.  They are the creative product of an entire NEXUS of people, from producers to writers to directors to editors, as well as financiers and distributors.

In order to encourage the creation of great stories, we serve as a nexus between up-and-coming filmmakers and experienced industry professionals who share a passion for a free society.

We teach filmmakers of promise by leveraging our network of Hollywood pros to create educational opportunities.  To that end, we organize workshops, internships, writing groups, and other events that bring together talented creators who can network and learn from each other.

Our premier program is the Liberty Lab for Film, an intense short film lab where filmmakers develop from treatment to script a short film idea or web-series with guidance from a mentor in a 100 day development process. After which the teams move into production and editing to complete the program with a polished film for their career portfolio. Many of the past LLF films have screened in film festivals nationwide, won awards along the way, and even helped land representation for the filmmaker.

TALIESIN was a sixth-century Welsh bard whom legend credits with preserving the art of storytelling through the Dark Ages.

TALIESIN is also the name that transformative architect Frank Lloyd Wright gave to his home studio, where he designed many of his landmark buildings.

For us, Taliesin represents the triumph of the radical creative through time over the forces who would discourage or stamp him or her out.