A free and civil society shaped by storytellers who believe in the core values of Individuality, Compassion and Innovation.


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Core Values

Individuality: choice, responsibility, honor, liberty, empathy, integrity
Compassion: discourse, tolerance, community, justice, harmony
Innovation: creativity, entrepreneurship, collaboration, creative disruption, stewardship

The Taliesin Nexus Anthem

The health of a free and civil society depends on avoiding the ideological trap which seed’s didacticism, deceit and conformity.  The antidote is a culture of storytelling that values individuality, compassion and innovation.

Our Story

You know the story. The universe is suddenly imperiled by a mysterious evil force. Only one man or woman or ship in the galaxy is able to face this threat and in the nick of time save the day. In video games of this genre, you often start by creating your character. First, your appearance (purple hair, elf ears, deep soulful eyes), then you get to choose the internal attributes: Strength, Charisma, Speed, Cleverness, Morality. You can create any combination, but you want to choose the right one for your journey because everything hangs in the balance.

At Taliesin Nexus, we believe that the fate of a free and civil society ultimately lies in the hands of its artists and storytellers. Without images of the Good, examples of hero’s impossibly difficult choice, stories that grapple with challenging issues of our time, our society stagnates, goes to war with itself, and collapses. Look around, the threat is here and it is happening right now.

We believe the storyteller’s duty is explore the moral and social issues at the heart of society, empowering audiences to reflect upon themselves and discover wisdom. The duty is not to tell audiences what to think (didacticism), but to inspire them to empathize and reflect, to gain self-awareness and self-knowledge. All this while entertaining of course, holding the audience on the edge of their seats or making them laugh so hard, they must dab away tears.

In our view, the institution of storytelling has eroded, focusing entirely on the latter while forgetting the former, more important duty. Worse, when stories do attempt meaning, it is ideological didacticism – telling, not showing. And, it is not just the studios, the networks, the executives, the directors, the actors or the writers who are to blame; we are witnessing a system-wide failure. The consequences are dire.

The health of a free and civil society depends on avoiding the ideological trap which seeds didacticism, deceit and conformity into the soil of our shared community.

To battle this threat, we built our organization around three core values: Individuality, Compassion and Innovation.

Just as a cell is the building block of life, so INDIVIDUALISM is the building block of civilization. In a free society where LIBERTY thrives, individuals are empowered to make CHOICES for themselves and must own the RESPONSIBILITY for those choices. To be successful, individuals must HONOR that same freedom in others and always act with INTEGRITY, consistently applying their personal values. Understanding others, even those with whom you disagree, EMPATHY is a key value for fostering the collaborative endeavors that drive progress.

A creator in any endeavor begins with COMPASSION and empathy for others.  We live in a COMMUNITY together and in our modern digital world, communities are no longer bound by geography, but stretch across continents. A community flourishes through open DISCOURSE on the toughest of issues with TOLERANCE as a guiding light. Social HARMONY, the ultimate community value, requires JUSTICE for those who violate the laws upon which communities are built, but also COMPASSION for those less fortunate.

A healthy society is not a snow globe. It must evolve in every phase through INNOVATION driven by the imagination and CREATIVITY of individuals. New ideas require ENTREPRENEURSHIP, which involves risk, sometime substantial risk that might discourage the innovation. A key value for helping overcome that risk is COLLABORATION, between co-workers, between investors and innovators, between companies and consumers. New innovations can cause CREATIVE DISRUPTION, upsetting the snow globe world in a way that benefits some more than others. But how well a society handles these advances is a key judge of its health. As society advances, we must embody STEWARDSHIP of our community and our environment to maintain the total integrity of our shared values while still fostering the innovation that makes individual lives better.

If you are an artist or storyteller and you want to develop your talents and explore these fundamental moral and social values in your own work across genres (comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, thriller, epic, romance), please check out our program pages and find what fits your journey best.

If you are not a storyteller by avocation, but are motivated to support others in this civilization level battle, please consider visiting our donation page to find out more about becoming a supporter.

Patrick Reasonover

Patrick Reasonover

President, Co-Founder

Patrick co-founded Taliesin Nexus and has served on the TN executive team guiding the organization’s growth since 2010.

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards

Vice President, Programs and Artist Development

Matt Edwards has been producing and directing in film, TV and digital media for over 15 years. He's been with TalNexus since 2015.

Dugan Bridges

Dugan Bridges

Senior Program Director

Brought up in Athens, Georgia, Dugan has worked in production for over 10 years in Los Angeles and New York City.


Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill

Senior Producer, Artist Development

Born in Utah where she snow boarded in Park City and Sundance, Victoria Razevska Hill has worked on over 40 film/tv/commercial productions in the last four years.

Rebecca Toscano

Rebecca Toscano

Program Director

Rebecca graduated from The King's College in 2015 with a degree in Media, Culture, and the Arts--concentrating in cultural anthropology and narrative nonfiction writing.

Stephen Limbaugh

Stephen Limbaugh

Music Director

Stephen N. Limbaugh III is a pianist and composer residing in Los Angeles. After working nine years as a studio musician (Masta P, lil Romeo, Raven Simone) and touring with rock bands (Kingsley), he independently released a solo classical album of original music titled Pants which debuted at #12 on the Billboard Classical Charts.

Valerie Resciniti

Valerie Resciniti

Associate Producer

Though technically a native of upstate New York, Valerie Resciniti has lived in countries around the world, and considers California her home. After spending nearly 20 years producing audiovisual content for the U.S. Government, she now works as a producer in Los Angeles.

Rob Capili

Rob Capili

Digital Strategy

Rob is a musician, film maker and stand up comic. Before devoting full time to projects he loved, he worked in the corporate world as a software architect and digital strategist.