Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Frazer Rice Frazer Rice, Chairman

Frazer Rice has been a leading private wealth manager for more than ten years and currently works as a Managing Director at one of the nation’s top financial institutions. In March of 2013, Private Asset Management named Frazer as one of the “Rising Stars in Wealth Management and Family Office Services.”  He is currently responsible for more than $3 billion in client assets.Frazer earned his law degree from Emory University in 2001 and his B.A. from Duke University in 1995. He currently resides in Manhattan, is an avid golfer and greatly enjoys exploring a wide array of intellectual and pop-culture topics. Toward that end, in 2009, Frazer founded the “Off the Record Forum,” an outspoken group of professionals who come together for lectures, discussions, debates and lively dinner events covering virtually any subject imaginable. Frazer has authored articles and been quoted in publications including The New York Times, the London Daily Telegraph and the Journal News and also appears as a guest commentator on various Cable TV business networks.

John Guido John Guido, Vice Chairman

John Guido graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a degree in Agricultural Business and started his career with The Morning Star Packing Company. The libertarian DNA behind the self-management culture at Morning Star was the catalyst for John’s early passion for libertarian social values. He quickly incorporated these ideas into all areas of his life, realizing them to be the most respectful and peaceful way to promote human flourishing and help communities solve today’s most difficult problems. After 15 rewarding years working with agricultural and food enterprises, he decided to channel his energy full time into organizations and ventures that advocate libertarian social values. John has taken a leading role with The Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity, facilitating Strategic Initiatives and External Relations. John also serves on the Board of Directors of The Bastiat Society and Spark Freedom.

Mark Bower Mark Bower, Treasurer

Mark Bower is a New York based film producer. His first film, the music documentary “This Time”, was about musicians struggling with success. It was directed by Grammy winner Victor Mignatti (Trapped in the Closet) and released in 2012. Mark currently works as Head of Development for Life and Soul Pictures, a UK based production company, led by experienced British producer Martyn Auty. The company’s first film, Ways to Live Forever, was released in 2013. Life & Soul is working with star Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Monuments Men) to develop a series. In addition, Life & Soul is working on development of its project about one of the real life heroes of September 11th, who saved 3000 lives, “Heart of a soldier”. The company has attached an Oscar winning screenwriter to adapt the book into a feature film.In addition, Mark has worked in various financial roles and now works with Bienville Capital, a New York based family office, on investments in emerging markets. Mark also works actively with the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York in various capacities. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and looks forward to doing film projects in partnership with other countries.

Richard Tren Richard Tren, Secretary

Richard Tren is a program officer for the Searle Freedom Trust, a grant making foundation that supports research and policy proposals that will lead to a more just, free, and prosperous society. Richard was born in South Africa and was educated in the United Kingdom. He immigrated to the United States from South Africa in 2006 and became a U.S. citizen in 2014. In 2000 Richard co-founded Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM), a 501(c)(3) organization with offices in South Africa and the United States, to promote policies that would improve global malaria control. In particular AFM defended the use of public health insecticides against campaigns by environmentalists to restrict or outlaw their use in disease control. Richard is the author of numerous scholarly studies for peer-reviewed journals, including The Lancet and British Medical Journal, think tanks such as Cato and the American Enterprise Institute, as well as opinion pieces for leading newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Business Day, and Forbes. In 2000 he was appointed as an environment fellow at the UK’s Institute of Economic Affairs, and he is a council member of South Africa’s Free Market Foundation, which promotes limited government, the rule of law, and economic freedom. In 2009 he was given the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Julian Simon Award in recognition of his work on public health insecticides. In 2012 he stepped down from Africa Fighting Malaria to take up his position with the Searle Freedom Trust, where he works to promote economic freedom and individual liberty in the United States.

Patrick Reasonover Patrick Reasonover 

Patrick co-founded Taliesin Nexus and has served on the TN executive team guiding the organization’s growth since 2010. He began his career at the Institute for Humane Studies, directing their film and fiction program suite. He holds a B.A. from Emory University in Creative Writing and Philosophy. Patrick is also a producer and partner at Just Add Firewater, a video production and consulting company. Prior to Firewater, Patrick was a partner at Ozymandias Media where he produced over 200 videos with more than 5 million cumulative views. He recently produced the feature documentary, Of Dogs and Men, about the tragic practice of police officers shooting dogs.

Kenneth Rice Kenneth Rice 

Kenneth Rice is a senior consultant at Eidmann und Killian and a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College. Kenneth has conceived and implemented successful brand awareness campaigns and business development strategies for startups and user engagement and audience development strategies for media companies. He is a voracious reader and is currently working on a book about the relationship between the harmony of the soul and the various forms of tyranny with an emphasis on the soft tyranny of democracy.