Season 1

An actor takes a job as a re-enactor without knowing anything about his Founding Father character.

Season 2

A documentary filmmaker goes missing while working on a film about the tobacco business.
The HUD “recommends” every choice a person makes based on optimal health and needs of society, that is until a virus gets into the network.

Season 3

Life for Lisa has been filled with melancholy due to the life-altering choices her father made over 20 years ago in his attempt to ease the suffering of her mother.
Sister Giles enters her first year of service caring for severely disabled Robin in a state run care facility, and learns there is more to a person than just a room number.
In 1950s China, the sparrow has been declared a great pest that is contributing to encroaching famine in the country. Two young friends set out to find and capture the last sparrow in order to bring about a great harvest.
A fictionalized account of the events leading up to one of the 20th Century’s most inspiring and bravest moment - the standoff in Tiananmen Square.
An animated comedy about a lonely planetary engineer who is visited by a nosey bureaucrat when he stumbles upon a strange lifeform.

Season 4

As he travels across 1870’s America, a French architect meets Katie on a remote ranch in Wyoming, living under the heavy hand of her family.
Under the watchful eye of the KGB, a Soviet Russian ballet company performs in NYC during the 1970s, as its star dancer is suspected of preparing to defect to the United States.
When someone invades your personal space and refuses to respect your boundaries, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.
Terry is a career IT worker who is being forced to spend the next two weeks training his replacement, Ahbi, an H-1B work-visa recipient from Kashmir, or else he won’t receive his severance pay.
18 year old France Hoang must make the difficult decision to honor his family by staying home to support the family or honor his adoptive country by accepting an admission to West Point and joining the US military.
Three roomates are at odds over how to protect each other when an ex-boyfriend shows signs of aggression.

Season 5