MFA Scholarship Program

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The MFA Scholarship Program offers grants of up to $4,000 for storytellers (writers and filmmakers) pursuing degrees in Masters in Fine Arts.  The award recognizes applicants of demonstrated talent in their craft and a commitment to exploring themes of liberty, broadly imagined, in their works.


Scholarship winners will be automatically accepted into Taliesin Nexus’ Calliope Authors Workshop (or the Apollo Workshop, if more applicable).  Our workshops are entirely free, including tuition and room and board.  We also provide travel stipends of up to around $300 for those coming from out of state.

Successful applicants will have the following:

  • A background in writing or filmmaking, such as an appropriate degree (e.g., English, creative writing, film) or writing or filmmaking work experience, such as in journalism, copywriting, or video production;
  • Written works of fiction (e.g., novel, short story, screenplay) or non-fiction (book or feature article);
  • Must be admitted to an accredited MFA program in good standing.

Deadline to apply for the scholarship is July 31, 2017.


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