2012 Internships

We hosted three interns in 2012, each for approximately three months:

Patrick Lehe, interned at Mpower Pictures

About the company: A production company led by producer Stephen McEveety. His past credits include The Stoning of Soraya M., The Passion of the Christ, and Braveheart. Upcoming projects include an adaptation of The Great Divorce, a novel by Narnia creator C.S. Lewis.

Nolan Pfeffinger, interned at Darius Films

About the company: An independent production company founded by producer Nicholas Tabarrok. His past productions include Defendor, Jack and Jill vs. the World, and Weirdsville. His upcoming films include The Black Marks with Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon.

Crystal Hubbard, interned at Disruption Entertainment

About the company: Disruption is headed by producer Mary Parent, whose credits include Role Models, The Kingdom, and Pleasantville. Disruption’s upcoming films include Noah starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson.