2013 Internships

We sponsored three outstanding interns in 2013.  Here they are along with their host companies.

Richard Mattox, interned at Mpower Pictures

About the company: Mpower Pictures,  an independent production company led by producer Stephen McEveety, whose past credits include Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ.  Mpower's productions include The Stoning of Soraya M. and Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler.

Charles Knauf, interned at Disruption Entertainment

About the company: Disruption Entertainment, a major production company based at Paramount Studio.  Disruption is headed by producer Mary Parent, whose credits include Role ModelsThe Kingdom, and Pleasantville.  Disruption’s upcoming films include Noah starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson and the next iteration of Godzilla

Nevil Jackson, interned at Salem

About the company: Salem (slated to debut in in 2014), a brand-new television drama which invoved a legendary TV producer Brannon Braga whose credits include 24 and Star Trek:  The Next Generation.