Issues 1 and 2 are here and available online! See below for details about where you can read.

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What is CinderQ?



Cinder Quarterly Anthology (CinderQ) is the Netflix of new authors. This collection of binge-worthy short stories and narrative nonfiction contains a wide variety of styles, genres, and serialized short works from emerging fiction writers and essayists. Read now for challenging stories that will make you think, written by unique authors with steadfast gut and noteworthy skill.

Subscribe for the year or explore a single issue. Listen to audio versions of your favorite stories. Discover new artists and indie filmmakers, too. When you subscribe to our print version, you'll get four new and beautiful books per year mailed to your home. This is not the stuffy quarterly magazine for MFA students and academics. This magazine is for readers who can't get enough riveting stories full of bold characters penned by unflinching authors.



Where can I read CinderQ?




ONLINE: You can read the magazine by downloading the app "Cinder Quarterly Anthology" to your iPhone or Android device. If you'd like to read an image-free copy, you can peruse our Kindle version here

We are in the process of developing an awesome website where you'll be able to read these stories online, subscribe to the print edition, comment on your favorite works, and more. So stay tuned. But in the meantime, read via our web app here

IN PRINT: We have a full service subscription system coming soon. However, if you'd like a print copy of CinderQ in the meantime, email and she will send you one in the mail in exchange for a small donation. 




How can I write for the anthology?


If you are a fiction or narrative nonfiction writer and you would like to submit a story or pitch for publication to CinderQ, please email your submission to We will try to respond to your submission within a timely manner.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Fiction word count: 3,000-8,000 words
  • Memoir word count: 1,200-5,000 words
  • Essay word count: 500-2,500 words
  • Must grapple with liberty-related themes in some way


Can I participate if I'm an artist or illustrator?


Yes! Each issue of CinderQ features a completely original illustrated cover by an artist in our network. If you're interested in designing one of our upcoming covers, email (we can pay for your work!). 

If you would like to submit an image you've already created to be published in the interior of the magazine, you can also email your submission to Rebecca. When we publish your illustration we'll also generously link to your website and/or portfolio on our website and app. 

If you are a comic book artist, we want your submissions too! We are going to start publishing one short story comic in every issue starting with Issue No 2. Submissions must be roughly 2-5 page spreads sized for a 6X9 publication, and you can email them to in PDF or JPG format.