Cineshots are a new monthly workshop program at Taliesin Nexus. Each month we will dive into a single aspect of your filmmaking career and give you actionable guidance on honing your craft and the business of making movies. These workshops will be taught by professionals and experts, all at a modest price.

Each Cineshot will be followed by an open reception with drinks and light snacks on us. Even if you don’t attend the training, feel free to come by and network with those that did.


Who can attend a Cineshot?


What are some of the topics covered?

Here are some of the subjects we intend to cover in 2019:

  • Pitch practice
  • Working with actors
  • Comedy writing
  • Getting an agent or manager
  • Legal Q&A
  • Producing
  • Editing
  • Distribution
Who will be the trainers?

We have a wide network of mentors who are involved with our organization. All are working professionals with many years of experience under their belts.

What is the cost?


How long is each Cineshot?

Most will be on Saturday afternoons. The length will vary based on each Cineshot.