Lights, Camera, Liberty!
$5,000 Equipment Grant
3-day workshop in Los Angeles
2 days of onsite training
Access to a Global Peer and Alumni Network


What is Lights, Camera, Liberty!?

For nonprofits promoting a social good, online video is simply the best way to build the largest audience and to move it toward positive action.

In partnership with the Washington, DC-based Atlas Network, Taliesin Nexus conducts workshops and onsite video production training for pro-free market nonprofits across the US and Canada.  If you work for a nonprofit with a liberty focus and want to improve your video capabilities, please visit the Lights, Camera, Liberty! website to apply.

What does the program offer?

The program offers:

*  Up to $5000 in grant money for new video equipment
*  Two days of onsite training with an experienced video producer from our network of Hollywood professionals
*  A 3-day workshop in Los Angeles with other pro-liberty nonprofit video-makers and a faculty of seasoned industry pros
*  Access to a group discussion board populated by your peers and other alumni of the program to help answer technical questions and get feedback on your projects.

If you support a local pro-liberty nonprofit in your state and would like to help them improve their video capabilities, please get in touch with us via our contact form.