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You said this was paid?

Yes. See below…

What is the internship all about?

The TalNexus Fellowship internship is designed to get you immediate experience with the film and television world either through time at TalNexus or an industry partner

At TalNexus you will dive right into production – from reading scripts, working on-set, reviewing rough cuts, to marketing and distribution.  You will work alongside and network with emerging storytellers and industry professionals alike where you will have the opportunity to make lasting relationships and develop the necessary skill of collaboration in order to make an impact in the entertainment industry and ultimately the world.

Through TalNexus’ two film labs, screenplay competition, workshops and monthly events you will be exposed to what is essentially a vibrant community of artists who sole passion is the art of storytelling and our core values.

TalNexus interns will work out of our downtown Los Angeles office alongside our LA based team for a 12 week period.  You must be able to commit up to 30 hours a week in the office or on-location at a production shoot or event.

You will also be required to complete a curriculum consisting of watching some classic and new films, writing short essays, and other readings.

Some examples of what you may experience while interning at TalNexus:

• Reading screenplays, series pilots, and short film scripts.
• Production Assistant duties on a film shoot with credits.
• Outreach to alumni and faculty.
• Compiling program application materials.
• Mailings, prospecting, researching building supporter profiles.
• Assisting with social media marketing
• Provide program director support

TalNexus has strategic partnerships with various production companies, management companies, and digital media outlets that have hosted many interns over the years.  These placements are limited and openings occur on an as needed basis.  TalNexus will determine on a case by case basis which applicants are forwarded to our partners for consideration when available.  Applicants who contact these partners directly for an internship forfeit their application to the TalNexus paid internship program and stipend.

Past partners have included:

  • ImageMovers (Los Angeles)
  • CineState (Dallas)
  • Nurture Digital (Los Angeles)
  • Disruption Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Darius Films (Los Angeles, Toronto)
  • MPower Pictures (Los Angeles)
  • Hey Jude Production (Los Angeles)
  • Metric Talent (Los Angeles)
  • Lee Stobby Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Stories-Inc (Los Angeles, Tokyo)

Our hosts are also committed to being mentors.  So while they may ask you to run through a brick wall on occasion, or merely pick up their lunch order, you will learn plenty about the business every single day on the job.

How much do we get paid?

You will receive a $5000 stipend to help you make ends meet while you are working hard to establish yourself.  And, we will help cover your travel costs to and from L.A. if you live in another state (if necessary).

Can you give me specifics about the internship?

Each fellowship will last for 12 weeks, and applicants must be committed to living and working in the Los Angeles area during that period.  (You don’t have to live there now; we might pay for your travel there, and back home after it’s over.)

The perfect candidate for the program would be a recent film school graduate or someone with some writing or filmmaking experience and/or training, but not someone who has already enjoyed a substantial career (after all, this is an opportunity for those who haven’t had their real shot yet).  You must have completed at least one screenplay or short film/video that you will include with your application.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following:

• a talent for, and knowledge of, filmmaking or screenwriting
• a tenacious commitment to succeed in the entertainment business
• the skill set to thrive in a production company environment
• a passion for our core values

TN Alumni interested in the Writing Mentorship track of the TalNexus Fellowship should mention this in the notes section of the application.

Note:  If you can receive university credit for your internship, let us know in the “Referral, Other Notes” section of the application form as we may be able to add an extra space for you (because our budget allows for so many stipends per year).